Music and travel videos - Globeshakers Project

Music and travel videos - Globeshakers Project/

Here are some of my favorite videos from the trip.

Moments video clip

My talented musician friends arranged a cover of Moments by Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, and we wanted to do a video clip to match the feeling that this music gives us. We filmed snapshots in every place we visited, resulting in a patchwork of life moments. They are as diverse as the culture and people we encountered, yet not so different from one another after all.

J’en reviens pas - Charlotte Dubost

This video is a collaboration with my friend Charlotte Dubost, who is a talented poetry writer. I also got the chance to work with footage from many of my engineering school classmates (Centrale P2018), who provided me with the best clips from their travels during their study or work abroad semester.

We wanted to make a video to remember this time of our lives and how it changed us.

Ohio video clip

This is a cover of french electro band Justice. We filmed the clip in Fiji, surrounded by rain and ocean.

São Paulo and Rio

We spent 2 weeks in Brasil, playing nightly in the streets and bars of São Paulo and Rio.

Music workshops with Enfants d’Asie

In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, we were welcomed by french NGO Enfants d’Asie to organise music workshops for children during 6 weeks. I documented this experience and edited a short documentary style video to report on what we learnt from it.

Thanks for reading/watching!